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I tried skyrim today and I don't know if this is new or not but I am having issues with flickering water and the sound buzzing for a second or 2. I did not notice this problem before but I haven't played it in a while either.

So I have the 1.9 update and again crossfire with 2 7970. I erased my ini file and started the game again to make sure that it is not due to some disabled vsync. It only happens with crossfire so I don't know if it is a 2 second microstuttering occuring. But when I enter a place I hear pans flying around. I open a chest and when I close it the stuff on top flies off. And most importantly I see water buzzing. It is not really flickering but more like the water buzzing or strobing with an a buzzing sound. Very annoying.

Anyone has a clue what is going on?
Here are my specs:
CPU: I7 2600K @ Stock 3.4 Ghz (for now)
MB: ASUS P9Z68-V Pro Gen 3
GPU: 2 x Saphhire Refence Radeon HD 7970 3TB
RAM: 16GB 4x4GB Gskill PC-1600MHz
PSU: XFX Pro Series 1000W Platinum
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