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Originally Posted by vipernig View Post
Well this works well. Except now crysis 2 on ultra with directx11 enabled has rendering issues with outside scenes. The textures are a gulp of yellow. Was working fine WTF. This is on 7970hs in XF.
Originally Posted by Blín D'ñero View Post
It's a tesselation issue: AMD Optimzed does not work anymore in Crysis 2 DX11 Ultra.
You get yellow? I got flat white (outdoors) and black (indoors), at all spots (piles of rubble, brick walls) where tesselated textures were now totally absent.
If you use the AMD uninstall tool (like i did) before installing Catalyst, your previous settings are erased too. Hence in CCC, Tesselation will be set at factory default, which is "AMD optimized". Just set it to "Application controlled". Problem solved!
I'm so glad you brought this up because the only way I could fix it was to set the game to dx9. I've now made a profile in RadeonPro to set tesselation to Application controlled for Crysis 2. Thanks

...btw my textures were light blue lol
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