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Originally Posted by Hapatingjaky View Post

What will happen is this:

1.) Raja starts early December.

2.) Intel probably already has a discrete GPU in house ala something like the Larabee again that its been sitting on. Not ready for prime time that Raja can tweak, etc etc.

3.) Over the next year you will see a mass exodus from RTG going towards Intel.

4.) Within 2 years possibly 3 you will see a discrete GPU released by Intel.

That is unless AMD sues them by finding some loop hole in the licensing agreement with the GPU+CPU agreement they have now with Intel. This is where the do no compete clause comes in.

AMD licenses its mobility GPU to Intel, Intel pilfers the RTG team, AMD sues for damages because you know there will be a conflict of interest or accusations of stolen tech/patents ( think of Carmack/ID/Occulus fiasco ).

Worst case for AMD they are forced to sell the Graphics division to Intel who has deep coffers and money to spend on R&D. Then we won't get trash like Polaris and Vega.
The only thing intel can do without a license is double down on massive parallel larrabee x86 and that would still be a heat and power hog. Itd make vega looks good.

Why risk another loss in court to amd and for billions this time and a stop order on sale and production when they can simply pay enough for license and pay a royalty on sales to amd. Its not like amd charges an arm and a leg to the console makers.

BTW Polaris isnt trash. Im playing wolf at 4k butter max graphics on an rx 480...
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