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Default 2nd try ..when i flash my radeon9700 i get error messages

Last try to get help!!!

Have Sapphire Radeon 9700 NonPro and when i try to write bios (save works) i get an message after the 3 posts like.. blah blah "pm-block write error" or sometihng and after restart i see nice shiny black on my screen.

I ve tried atiflash (old and the new 1.3) and flashrom.. both doesnt work.

Dont know this problem because i have flashed a R128 , 7000, 8500 , 9000, 9500 Pro and my old SuperGrace 9700 NP.. no problems... only with this Sapphire Cards (Black PCB Layout and 3,3Ns Infineon).

This is now my 3th of this Sapphire (have connections to pc-store so i have changed 2 times) but now... its my last card.
I want to save my new settings but why doesnt this works?

Some new Bios-Write Lock? ... the bios wasnt locked!!!!
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