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Originally Posted by kakarot View Post
I take back what i said about that suck ass AMD utility. Do NOT use it even if all you have is an amd video card. I ran it in safe mode, after uninstalling video drivers, and it killed all usb ports on the pc. Never had an issue with the older version but i ended up having to clean install all his **** and bought him driverfusion to avoid this crap again
Out of curiosity, why did you run it in safe mode (and I sure don't understand the reasoning behind manually uninstalling your drivers and *then* running the AMD driver uninstall utility)? I understood that the uninstall utility is designed to be run under a normal boot, and when you boot into safe mode your *device drivers* generally aren't loaded (unless you opt to load your network/Ethernet driver.)

Yea, run it in safe mode and it will take out your installed drivers in places I'm sure--but they won't be the ones you want to get rid of, necessarily (because you are in safe mode.) It seems to me the entire purpose of the uninstaller program is so that you can remove everything AMD without having to resort to safe mode and all of the other crap that we used to do years ago...

Engaged under a normal boot (which I think is the only correct way to use the program), the program worked perfectly for me and did just what it was supposed to do and nothing else. The AMD driver uninstall utility is not a "cleanup program" like many others, it's not a "uninstall your drivers first and then run this program to clean up the residue" program--it is a *driver uninstall utility* that, when used correctly, eliminates any need for a so-called clean-up program, imo.
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