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Originally Posted by logical View Post
Man Samsung is bringing the heat with this generation of their phones. Its the first time in a long time that I have felt I wanted to try Android again.

Top features for me:
  • Damn near full screen front
  • Fingerprint reader under the screen
  • Reverse charging(Im not sure Id use it but damn cool)

I also might get a pair of those galaxy wireless headphones as well pending reviews. The price is right.
Pre-ordered my S10 this morning with 128gb storage and 8gb ram prism black. Traded in my S8 64gb for £250 so cost me £549 overall. Joined the Samsung upgrade programme so I got 0% interest free over 24 months (£20.58) and can upgrade to new phone each year. TBH I usually skip a generation but I might as well keep the money in my account if they're offering 0% finance.

Looks a nice upgrade over my S8. I'm already on Android Pie beta and UI so know what to expect and I really like them both. Looking forward to receiving it 7th March.
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