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Originally posted by Ulysses 31
Yup but compared to the previous Thief games it suffers from the same syndrom Deus Ex(2) introduced: no big open areas, claustrophobic environment, cut into multiple zones that have to load.
Thief 3's levels are about the same as Thief 1 and 2's. Lots of indoor areas, and the outdoor areas are similar in size or scope. Compare this to DX1 vs. DX2, where the older clearly had areas that the newer one just didn't. Hong Kong in DX1 was enormous --- however, recall that it was split in to multiple loading zones as well, and there was no console port until much later (PS2).

The original Thief games never really had big open areas, and when they did the performance was abysmal. Note level 2 in Thief II, "Shipping & Receiving." The game required a P2-266 but that level definitely over-taxed my P3-450 at the time. There were a few similar situations in the original Thief: big areas meant big framerate drop. The engine just wasn't made for them.
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