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i really like the game....i think its a huge improvment over deus ex 2

game runs alot better for me. i think it definetly feels like the previous thief games. missions take some time to beat too. 2nd mission took me about an hour. then i spent over an hour wandering around the city stealing crap from people

ion storm have definetly impressed me...i was expecting the game to be a dx2 repeat but imo its not at all

ion storm may have screwed the deus ex series but i dont think they screwed up the thief series...also keep in mind im a fan of the previous thief games and overall i am impressed with thief also doesnt feel console-ish to me either

it does have some minor issues...the ragdoll physics can act a little strange and also the AI can have problems..also i noticed sometimes when characters walk around they dont move smoothly...they kinda jitter but its nothing major. also becuae of xbox limititations the texture quality aint the greatest and the frame rate could be better but like i said its alot better than dx2 frames. also the envirnments can be a little smal like in dx2 but its a bit better

overall its a huge improvment over dx2 and i think ion storm learned from their mistakes
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