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Originally Posted by Meteor_of_War View Post
Like all Kojima games there's always more to it than meets the eye, and more that people who don't want to give it a chance will ever see. Most people will forever just look at this game and think its exactly that, a walking simulator grind fest.

But if you are a big Kojima fan and enjoy his games you know what to expect here - a unique gaming experience with deep mechanics and a rich open ended story that's ripe for multiple interpretations that invoke thought and emotion. This style of game has always been my go to since the first Metal Gear Solid. Kojima's vision has always been something special and now that he's free from Konami I think we're really going to start seeing the depth of his talents.

Yeah, I'm a Kojima fan boy. Eagerly awaiting the PC release.
It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for in an open world game. I've gotten a bit burned out in the standard questing-RPG-open-world type games. The formula is starting to get tiring for me. Too many skills, too many quests, too many options. Bigger, to me, does not always mean better. This game offered a totally different experience. I am almost to the end of the game and looking back it is really a far simpler games than most open-world RPGs. (Once you figure out what the hell is going on). But, the whole setting and game mechanics are like no other game. I had a lot of fun finding discoveries by just playing the game to figure things out. And, the longer you play into the game the more possibilities open up. I've already seen the game on sale this holiday season. If you are starting to feel like all other games are starting to seem like clones of the last one you just finished, give it a try. If you do, don't forget to "Like" any structure I left behind for you. My PS4 name is doaPop.

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