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Default Death Stranding

I know the whole "walking simulator" reviews probably discouraged a lot of people to play this. But, did anyone stick with it long enough to get what the game is about? I've played it a while and think it is fun. I find it very relaxing to play as you can play it at any pace you feel like. Do some random exploring, take out a camp of mulers/terrorists, make deliveries so you can get better gear/stats, and/or advance the story. You can play for hours or just jump in for 20 minutes and finish something you were working on.

There are some tense and scary moments and some big rewards. The game demands some planning as you don't want to be caught far from civilization without the tools you need. I actually enjoy this kind of gameplay so it works for me. It is not just a "walking simulator". Although, if you only play the first missions, you could quit thinking the whole game is indeed a frustrating walking simulator. Instead the game is about advancing the story and your character skills and tools. The tools you get allow you to better prepare for the harsh environment and enemies you encounter. Plus, they also give you the ability to create a transportation network that can greatly enhance your ability to travel from place to place. I won't give away some of the tools you get because learning how to use them to your advantage is half the fun. One really unique feature the game has is the community aspect. In the game, structures and equipment can be shared across players. But in order to share you need to establish connections by using/liking structures from other players. I can't tell you the number of times something left behind by another player saved my butt. The system really encourages you to pitch in as the more stuff you give, the more you get. I am really enjoying the game myself. But, I do have some questions for people that have played. The game is dense and complicated. See spoiler below for some of the questions I have:

  1. Can you actually permanently clear out a BT area? I've beaten BT bosses but the area tends to respawn pretty quickly.
  2. If you cut their umbilical cord are they gone forever?
  3. If you kill all mules in a camp, does the camp respawn later?
  4. If you cause a voidout is the crater permanently part of the world?
  5. How can you get more people to help build roads. Is it only people you have strong connections with?
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