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I've had the vita for a couple of's my first handheld system since the gameboy some 15 years ago :P here's my thoughts so far:

- All around it just feels like a solid, quality piece of hardware. No hiccups, hardware bugs or problems experience so far. The screen isn't the absolute best resolution wise (the iphone manages the same resolution on a smaller screen), but the contrast and colors make it look outstanding.

- It's very confortable to use, even for long gaming sessions. Dual analog sticks are precise and the front and back touch screens work pretty well. I'm particulary impressed by the back touch pad. It feels natural and I can already see it offering tons of gameplay possibilities for future games

- The interface is quite simple and easy to use, but needs a bit more work imo. They should eliminate the extra screen touch you need to access some programs (the settings menu, the ''near'' app, etc.) We should also be able to customize a bit more the ''home'' just feels rigid and incomplete right now...

- Games played so far: Little Deviants, Uncharted, and Hot Shot Golf. All of them looks and runs pretty good and plays well on the device. Graphics wise, I've read a lot about how the games can look almost as good as their ps3 counterparts, and I have to disagree with that assessment. What we are looking at right now is first generation games on the looks gorgeous for a handheld and is a big step forward to what was previously avalaible, but it isn't on the same level of what I'm seeing on my ps3 I'm afraid (not really a negative though). I imagine that given a few months games will look even better and close that gap even more with our home consoles, which will be an amazing feat...

here it is.....I'm really pleased by my vita I consider the overall experience really good, but still not ''great''. As with all gaming consoles the library of quality games that the vita will be able to develop over his lifecycle will really be paramount for the success of the device. This thing has enormous potential to say the least. With all the exclusives and quality studios working for Sony I'm not worried though :P The launch lineup is already quite good and more good stuff is coming later this year....

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