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ATI Technologies

I'm using patched 8.083 drivers on my Radeon 9800 Pro, and even after setting NoTv = 0 in the registry, the old CP only shows Large Desktop. Thus, I've been forced to use CCC to enable cloned TV-out. With ATITray, it's not too bad, though the FireGL CCC is much more sparse than the Radeon CCC.

What I want is, if I ever need and can ever afford a true FireGL, I'd like to see a control panel (even CCC) that has both Radeon and FireGL features, and not just FireGL alone. That way I could do work and play on the same drivers. Look at the way the (really old) FreeFireGL driver panel looks. At one time, I separated D3D and OGL, and enabled several more tabs, for a total of maybe 11 or 12!

Oh yeah, and the FireGL drivers are awesome in AutoCad 2004 and Inventer 10 Pro (Includes MDT 2006), both of which I won in competitions. Smooth viewports and AA lines.

FireGL > Quadro (in name and performance).
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