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Originally Posted by Hidavi
I've gotten modifiers for Intelligence, but they haven't added anything to the Magicka points.

dawdler, I'm guessing this is because I picked a Redgaurd. Am I right? Maybe Redguards aren't supposed to have more than 74 Magicka points? Or maybe they increase Magicka points so slowly that its not even really worth it to train their magic?
I'd say no, its not worth it. I dont know the actual numbers but, but lets say you're a hardcore fighter. You aint going to go much higher than like 100 in magicka. But a mage race with a mage sign can reach 300+ due to multipliers (actuall numbers will vary alot due to items of course). The high elf and breton start the game with high amounts, in particular when using the Atronach sign.

The actual class here makes little difference to the attributes. The skills in mage schools just make the spells cost less, but even skilled peeps need alot of magicka to cast spells as higher level spell still cost quite a bit.

But then again I really prefer just bonking people in the head with a giant warhammer, so I'm not the most qualified person to suggest on magic

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