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Originally Posted by Payne3d View Post
I don't know if this is normal, but I'm currently transfering a 4gig file over my lan to another computer and it's going at 1megaBytes/second.
My main computer, with the large file, is connected to the router with a lan cable (running Vista), and the other computer(running xp) which is connected via a wireless 54g pci card(running at 54g according to the network status).
54g is about 6megaBytes per second and I'm not getting anywhere close to that. My lan connection, according to the network status, is connected at 100megaBits/second. The firewire drive that has the file is running at 400megaBits/second which shouldn't be the bottleneck.
yeah a 54mbps wifi says it can transfer that fast, which is only 6.75MB(MegaBytes), is based on perfect conditions such as no copper tubing or wireing whats soever in the house. if another pc is trying to associate with the AP it sucks up over 50% of bandwidth for that and dont forget that even if it could transfer that fast sometimes CPU's and HDD's cant keep up with those speeds. My business switches i use are 1000mbps and we only get 372mbps(50MegaBytes not megabits) at the most becasue our cpu's and HDD cant keep up. My HDD is only a sata 1.5 and has a slow rpm speed of 5400. anything metal in the area is going to suck up that signal. put a microwave in the area and turn it on and watch what happens. its your own denial of service attack. sometimes a cell phone with the same 2.4ghrz frequency will cause signal loss.
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