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Originally Posted by Sasquach View Post
If the switch succeeds then we'll see more stupid from Nintendo because they'll think Lightning struck twice and theyre smarter than everyone else.

If the switch fails I think theres going to be a company shakeup from the top down and/or they may partner with another company (hey lets say sega) and then try to create this super ultra mega console. If it flops worse than Wii-U they may pull have no choice but to pull out of hardware.

If the switch does somewhere in between (successful enough to keep the company alive) I'm guessing this would be their wakeup call to release a "normal" console next go around. Not necessarily the most powerful but something that can run multiplatforms enough without having to redo everything because its too different (lower the resolution, scale back the graphics quality a bit). Provide enough storage, provide enough ram, architecture matches the competition, enough GPU and CPU power that devs need). Then they can rebuild themselves this way without conceding defeat. Or they might just be content to be this 'secondary console for families' and just release weak stuff because people buy it.

Its obvious that they are working on contingencies: NES mini, amiibo, the mobile titles, the 3ds line isn't actually being 'replaced' by the switch.

They also have a lot of dormant IP that could spark interest in a switch version too. A new Metroid is being clamored for, Starfox needs an actual new game with a new story and not another remake/reboot for every system..., Kirby could use a more traditional game, Kid Icarus could find a home in HD, F-Zero needs to come back (sometimes people just WANT a newer/updated version of a game Miyamoto.....look at all the CoD's, and I'm sure nothing really needs to be fundamentally changed for a racing title....), Animal Crossing could be revived back to its original style, I think people want a Pikmin 4,
I think even some of the more obscure Japanese only releases could find a niche (Captain Rainbow, Disaster: Day of Crisis) if they were fleshed out more. Non portable versions of Fire Emblem, Bring back Batallion wars/Advance wars (those were fun!), Make a new Duck hunt in HD, etc.
I don't think it makes business sense for them to ever attempt to compete on computing power with their hardware. It's not as profitable. They don't have other divisions in their company that give them the flexibility to have a break-even video game division like Sony and MS. Once these two giants entered the business, Sega and Nintendo had no choice but to bow out of the power race, learning the hard way with GameCube.

It may not be what we want as gamers, but for business reasons I don't think it will ever happen.

I think if the Switch is a total flop, they might give it one more go (they can afford to), or give up. But I fear that as a third party developer, they might go the way of Sega, where only one out of ten games is decent. I don't really know why that happened.

Perhaps Nintendo could thrive as a second party developer, continuing to do console exclusives.
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