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Originally posted by Guybo
I play thug style. I kill everything I can. It's hard this way because you have to stealth kill and sometimes when there are several people around it gets hairy. Plus, I suck at Thief though I do like it a lot. I just hope there are no Bullocks in this Thief. That ruined TDP for me

Bad habits should be encouraged.
You can "frame" guards.
You will need at least 3 in the same area, 4 or more are better.
2 should be facing each other.
Kill one from the shadows.
The other guards will assume that one of the guards killed the other and go for him.
With a little care you can keep this going all the way to a major brawl.
While they're fighting each other , loot the place.
Major questions : How many guards can you get to slide across a courtyard or down the stairs with a flask or two of oil? Is it more fun if they slide into the mines you left lieing around?
Don't just kill, be inventive!!!!!
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