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Check out the Sony X900F and the new version the X950G.

I've been using the X900F in the exact same scenario you painted. I use it for console gaming and heavy PC use. It's my primary PC display, and in a psuedo-home theater room I've created. So it's hooked up to a Sony X700 4k player as well. My brother bought the X950G and uses it in the same way. He loves the thing. I have the X900F in 49".

I have no regrets at all with this purchase. There is never a worry about image retention or burn in using it as a PC display. There is a game mode, but I've never used it. I've played FPS and every type of game on it without even using game mode and I don't notice any lag whatsoever. Image quality is fantastic and HDR looks incredible. Games that have big explosions or movies that have that or where they shine lights in your face actually makes you squint. It's insane how bright it gets. It's a multi-array backlight display, so there is a bit of blooming on bright objects on a black background. It annoys me, but I'm very picky.

The sounds quality is actually pretty decent from the TV itself. Especially in an age where most TV's sound like garbage, everyone wanting you to buy their sound bars.

All that said...I did look at the latest generation of the Samsung QLED series a few weekends ago with a buddy. We looked pretty close at the thing since he was in the market for a new TV. It seemed like it had MUCH better multi array backlighting and I couldn't see any blooming whatsoever no matter how hard I looked. That's the biggest issue I have with my TV. I'd prefer to look at it in a home environment, since stores don't often give a good accurate example of image quality, but it was great. He bought the TV last Friday...but it'll be a while before I can visit him and check it out. I believe it was the Q8F we looked at. Both the X900F/X950G and Q8F have superb black levels like OLED. It's damn near identical, except for the blooming.

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