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Originally Posted by tristancarton
scared at what the move to 65nm will entail let alone dual core.

i just remember. oh yeah 90nm p4s are going to run so cool and be able to clock up to 5ghz easily, 130nm p4s are going to become extinct and suck.

p4 90nm comes out. proclaimed as worlds smallest heat generator. what does the future entail for intel's 65nm and dual core process??? (sure hope that they do a good job on the process change. smp processing kicks serious ass compared to single)
Just think of them as insole warmers... very expensive insole warmers.

Seriously, I'm not looking as forward to the dual-core move as most. In looking at SMP and gaming, the only games that really support SMP have been the iD family of games, and to date no one really runs them in that configuration. In short, for desktop apps, dual core is almost worthless

Now server side that's a whole other animal, figure with the myriad of processes going SMP makes a serious difference. Even in just a mail server (Exchange2K for example), the SMP difference can be seen.

So all in all, personally if I purchase a dual-core it'll be more for my normal upgrade process, I doubt because of a real need.
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