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Default This a good price? 2014 Toyota Corolla

Dealer wants $10,990.22 (tax title everything) for a 2014 Corolla with 75k miles on it. It does have some cosmetic defects, such as a slight chip on the windshield, a small dent in the drivers side portion of the body in between the wheel and driver door, and has some strange holes that look like somebody poured glue into them in the seats (I have NO idea what was going on there).

I tried getting them to come down, but they claim it's a no haggle price and won't budge. I have no given them a response. I've checked around and the price is currently the lowest offered by any dealers in the area for what it is. I did drive the car around for awhile and tested the brakes, lights, engine, signals, A/C, radio, backup camera, everything I could think of. I looked under the car while it was on after driving it and I saw no leaks. That said even if I go for it I will take it to a mechanic and have them inspect it for something I might not see if I decide to go through with it.

My other options are Nissans as they are pretty aggressively priced for 2015-2017 Sentras and Altimas, but I've never had a Nissan before and am wary especially after reading about CVT problems some of their cars have had. Howevever, the cars I'm looking at are still under warranty for at least the next 2 years on the Nissan side. Toyota is out of warranty.

Just looking for advice in whether I should pass or take it.

Some photos;


So should I snag it or hold out and check the Nissans?
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