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You can bet that after three years of investment development EA will monetize exploit the product game to the maximum extent with a series of expansions and mods. One wonders if any "capable" second-tier teams remain as previous though and if not then all the better. However, DICE will presumably still take the customary vacation upon release and thus delay the inevitable patches.

Who believes the animations will be so detailed that during gameplay characters will lower their weapons at any time, face different directions, or stoop whilst running?

The peek piccy is especially annoying given the brouhaha over whether basic prone was going to be omitted when the question should have been whether peek would finally be added. And don't bother saying it would slow the action 'cause ye olde Rogue Spear arguably played at least as fast with the advantage of pitched battles -which are exponentially more fun than the repeated "expose yourself to die and then be revived or regenerated" schtick.

RS also had (more than a decade ago) a climb function for surmounting barriers which were not automatically traversed over. Yet in BF, a paving stone has to be jumped over and -impossibly, so too walls as if humans were lemurs. Worse, these queer mechanics inherently cause exploits. The BASE jumping has to go as well.

As for commander, it was implemented horribly in BF2 and degraded the game from BF. Good riddance. I sincerely hope there is no all-seeing-eye capability in BF3. The occasional area drone would be okay but in BF2 they were nearly constant and almost indestructable, and combined with the full scan eliminated any covert tactics.

Aaand, while I'm at it... I want server configurations to be strictly based upon modes and ranking. Any renters desiring to play outside these inherent rules can be unranked which are filtered out by default. Attempts by admins to apply make-believe rules would result in removal to the unranked category. In a nutshell, you're either part of the community or you're not and ranking is derived equally across each mode (rather than exploiting simpler play).

In BF2, an infantry-only mode was added which would have been fine if unranked and the filtering was not backwards -the listing could show either the mix of all servers or exclusively infantry-only, thus not actually capable of filtering them out.

For the love of the gods, implement proper range-based voices and allow radio comms to be text only. And don't expose the players body over the edge of buildings and whatnot.

That is all for now.
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