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hi, well heres a psu situation 431w enermax

1) air cooled 178fsb stable and happy with what i thought was plenty of power from my 431w enermax

2) vapochill -30c on cpu same settings as air cooled as i just wanted to monitor how this new vapochill worked, mmmm no boot at 178fsb, i tried everything i could think of but it would only boot at 173fsb and then not totaly stable so had to settle for 171fsb

now what changed? nothing apart from vapochill, na cant be my enermax has plenty of power and the vapo dosnt draw alot mmmm 3 days later ok iam gona do what i said i didnt need to and upgrade my psu to the 550w blue diamond enermax psu

1) air cooled 184fsb stable mmmm OMG can this be true was my 431w holding me back even when i wasnt running vapo, well yea it was, i bought my 431w to run athlon 1G CPUs and it took them to the limit, but now big fans, radeon 9700pro and 2 H/Ds and many more add ons after my initial purchase. my trusty 431w that when i bought it i considerd upgrade proof and never question power again proof just wasnt upto my pc demands, yea it was at stock speeds and it did allow clocking with sucess air cooled but it did run out of steam when it counted, so in the end even a good psu can run short of power when demand runs high

2) 184fsb and stable with a higher multipler! ive had 2.45G out of my XP2400 and yea its stable! so for the moment iam meeting my power requirements but in the future and that day will come i wont be so bold as to disregard my psu! when stabilty becomes an issue!

550W enermax, great PSU!

Asus P5WD2-P
288 FSB P4 940 presler 4615mhz
PolaFlow TT CPU water block
2 Gig 8000UL DDR2
P & PC cooling 510 Sli
X1900 XTX DD X18 GPU block modded
W/d raptors Raid O Seagate 250g slavedrive, 16X sony DVD CDR, 16X NEC dual DVDR. windows Xp sp2 slipstreamed....
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