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Originally Posted by yoz View Post
Eh bro, i'd say Last Light already looks like that or at least damn close. There is no doubt that this is ingame footage. This aint Ubisoft we're talking about where they downgrade every single game.

Regardless, gameplay is more important. In this day and age i feel we've reached a point where graphics are pretty damn impressive everywhere you look, so its more about art style, design, sound, gameplay, physics, etc. to me at least.

Its 2017, as far as im concerned any game coming out will look good. Maybe its just me but I dont see how visuals can make a big leap and show us something we havent seen already. Some of these games look like CGI movies sometimes.

Yeah I agree for the most part.. I think HDR and 4k will help a bit but until a new generation of development happens.. we are at the stage of diminishing returns.

It will probably be some next gen console that comes out with new tech that PC's don't have in the distant future that will bring us to the next level of graphics.

I am seeing a lot of stylized games. Stylized is fine I just don't want 8/10 games all cartoony or retro.. or w/e. I guess thats how MS is delivering True 4K because they are releasing cartoony style games.
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