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Originally Posted by Thr0tt View Post
The non-linear approach I think works better, it keeps the interest there to move from section / map to section / map with at least a clue or objective. Too many of the open world games leaves you to roam without an idea thus people like KAC and me I'm afraid just lose interest.

I guess less funnelled approach giving the appearance of open world but steering you to the conclusion.

So, hope yet.

Yeah I think Devs when making open worlds should sort of instance some parts of the game like the main missions. That way Devs can really focus on making and optimizing the game to play fun.

Basically if Metro has 20 main missions have 10-15 of them sort of locked into an area. You still have an open world to explore and do ****, but when its time to get story **** done, parts of the game can be done more cinematic.

I can't stand Ubi Softs open world **** anymore.... its the same damn thing with a different skin slapped onto it.

Of course this approach will cost much more money.
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