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night can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultynight can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficulty


Originally Posted by demo View Post
I can tell you exactly how many vehicles are in each rush map that can kill you, and most have 0, 1 or 2. And often the vehicles in those maps are lightly armed and lightly armoured, like the light tank, transport chopper, boats and jeeps.

Theres also squad rush and squad deathmatch which have no vehicles.

I'm not a fan of vehicle heavy games either and I dont play Conquest because of this (plus I dont like the gametype anyway.. yawn)

Dont take this the wrong way and I know you understand the game and how to play it, but I think like KAC you just dont get the gameplay and flow of the battle, and are playing it like cod, RO2 etc..
Sneaking around corners slowly, playing cautiously so you dont die and getting a kill here and there..
Where as in that same time I would have jumped on a 4 wheeler and cruised up as far as I could in the "safe area", jump off and sprint the rest of the way occasionaly running past cover when shot at but always moving. Then killing a couple enemy and making a break for it through the gap I just created (like NFL! Knowing how to time your break through a gap in defense is key in BC2 rush imo). Now that I have broken through and am on the flank, squad starts spawning on me and the raping begins, getting heaps of kills shooting them in the side or back and maybe C4 a tank before moving in to plant the bombs. By the time the bomb is blown you and KAC are still hiding from the transport chopper half way back down the map because it killed you once lol
If my plan doesnt work and I die I dont care, I squad spawn in the action and try it again with variations in tactics until it works, unlike CoD, CSS etc where I try to stay alive as long as possible. Suicide runs taking out large numbers of enemy by surprise on the flanks and planting bombs are common in BC2. I know I'm going to die so instead of trying to avoid death, I prefer to get in there and take as many as I can with me, and it works, I got into the top 500 on the global leader board (epeen )

I had exactly the same mindset as you a few years ago concerning FPS when I was playing in leagues in CSS, DoDs & CoD, but honestly every good player I know that has matured as an fps player has evolved into a BC2 and now BF3 rush player.

what he said...

There are people that sit back and get 8 or 10:1 kills:d, and don't really do a damn thing, and there are those like us that get more 50:50 k:d but are out there making things happen for the team.
As long as you are playing smart and pushing the line, death is irrelevant.

Except I do prefer conquest . It is far more dynamic. Rush gets boring, but i also don't like heavy armor maps. That 3 flag conquest in the desert street and the 2 snow maps are my favs.

I was in a rush Monday night.. 8v8. We won the defense, but then on switching sides we could barely get to a box. I looked over and my 3 other squad mates were snipers. Checked the squad screen.. 2 others were snipers... rush attack with 5 snipers... /exit
However, I am in the extreme minority, and I understand that there is something fundamentally wrong with me

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