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Originally Posted by Mangler View Post
Dice recommends a 560ti for high, so a 5870 is fine for high.

And no benchmarks, the game might be leaked, but there is no crack.

Thanks alot mate, Im not really into war games but this is my first fav War game, I hope 5770 can run at least till Hitman 5 and Maxpayne 3 comes out, And I swear I only bought this card for those games as well as AC Series.


How do you know a crack isn't out yet ? you visit the ***p***bay site daily ?

OMG Tom clancy's Hawx 2, still no crack for it, co'z it suxx so bad even skidrow, reloaded hate it

on a side note : Does "GDDR" Ram counts in such things ? co'z my system says I have 1751 MB of Total Memory while my 5770 HD is 1 GB
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