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Originally Posted by Danny Nissan View Post
There is no MLAA for anything but the HD6-series yet. According to CatalystMaker (on his twitter) it will be ported back to older generations (i guess HD5, HD4, HD3?) in the future so perhaps in later drivers.
MLAA can be enabled via a simple tweak for HD 5000 cards so long as you have the 10.10a hotfix drivers. Check out this thread here for more info:

I've been playing around with it on my HD 5870s for a couple of hours now and it definitely works but seemingly only for DX9 as far as I've tested. I can't get it to work with any DX10 or DX11 games but generally those games have native AA support anyway so it isn't a big deal.

AA works in Bionic Commando (no need for DX10), FUEL, Viva Pinata, PURE, Dead Space (looks better than the DarksidersPC AA trick), LEGO Batman and many others. Couldn't get it to work with BioShock DX10 though. Apparently MLAA even works with GTA IV but I can't test it as I have IE9 beta installed. There's little or no performance loss so it can be used as a substitute for normal AA where it causes massive performance hits, e.g. StarCraft II. MLAA gives the effect of 4xMSAA with the side-effect that it blurs text and HUD elements. Works better with some games than others, e.g. it looks perfect in Dead Space and Viva Pinata but less so in Bionic Commando and FUEL.
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