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Originally Posted by Meteor_of_War View Post
I still have an old Sony Trinitron 4:3 CRT (mfg date around 2002) that I use for my retro consoles that I don't have HD mods or HD clone consoles for. It looks great, and I much prefer playing them on the CRT. Those old consoles and games were designed for CRTs with scanlines so its just the ideal way to play them.

But I don't think I'd want to play current games on a CRT that were designed for modern flat panel HDTVs with no scanlines. The pixel art in retro games were designed with scanlines in mind, but modern games are designed for no scanlines and I think they would look odd with the scanlines. Maybe it would give them a retro aesthetic and that could be seen as a novelty to some, but its just not the way they were intended to be.
Just to clarify... scanlines are an artifact of 240p/doublestrike on SD CRTs and are most commonly seen with old video game systems like the NES, Genesis, SNES, TG16, etc.... With 240p, the image is drawn twice in the same spot using only half of the scanlines on the screen, giving a low resolution, non-flickering, progressive picture, whilst leaving the interleaved lines black. High resolution CRTs used for computers and HDTV don't generally show any scanlines at all, as they draw all the lines on the screen for each frame. Some early computer CRTs (e.g. Amiga 1080) used interlaced high resolution modes, though anything from the 2000s did not, thus no scanlines.

FWIW, I love the look of true CRT scanlines on retro consoles and keep a 27" Trinitron around for that purpose. IMO, old games look wrong if displayed any other way, though modern shaders can make flat panels look somewhat close. Blocky low resolution console games look horrible when displayed on LCDs,....
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