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Originally Posted by Elysian View Post
Seems important.
Very, the problem comes in when Google presses like they did here and in the past, as with the Specter press release, they give complete information on how to exploit the bug to the bad guys. In the Specter case this caused Intel and MS to release a dodgy patch and ruined a lot of PCs. Our bank has a couple bricked PCs as a result before we stopped patching with the rushed patch. In this Fortnite the good patch was out in plenty of time but not all users had had the time to install it before Google put out the press release. Epic was cranky about that.

companies like Epic, Intel and MS are just trying to get Google to play nice and Google is just trying to get companies to patch their crappy software and hardware. I see both sides. If no one held companies feet to the fire you know full well the patches would never come. But putting the full details on how to exploit the bugs of your rivals software and hardware is a fun win for Google too be sure.
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