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Default What belive Powerstrip,MadOnion or SisSoft Sandra AGP 8X or AGP 2X ?

My system is ABIT AT-7MAX2 and i a Club3D Radeon 9700Pro.

And what belive now :

Powerstrip (newest vers.) says that i`m runing in AGP 8X
SisSoft Sandra Proff (newest vers.) says 8X,4X avalible current transfer 2X
MadOnion 2001SE (newest vers) says Avalible 8X,4X curent 2X

I make this test on the same time in Windows XP
So i thing that all you schuld run not only the Powerstrip ,also Sissoft Sandra and MadOnion and many more to confirm that your VGA is running at AGP 8X

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