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Default UK Internal connector from 9800SE to motherboard

I have a 9800SE all in wonder installed in motherboard (Asus a7n8x-e).

to get sound coming out of speakers when using TV etc i need to have a
lead going from audio output from back of pc to line in socket.

All seems a bit messy to me and i was wondering if there was something i could to do internally which will allow sound.

There is an "audio out" header on the card which i would have thought
should connect to "CD In" or "Aux" on the motherboard. Using this internal connector would also allow me to have surround sound all the time as the "line in" socket is required by the speakers for surround sound

However the connectors does not seem the right size.

Can anyone tell me what connector i need and where i could buy one in UK?


Steve Fisher
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