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Originally Posted by diznanl
I have a sweet little setup ... nc6000 from two years ago. It STILL plays some of the hottest games (albeit, at lower resolutions).

It has a ATI mobility 9600 in it. GREAT, right? The bottleneck is that the thing only shipped with 32mb of RAM. Ouch. Why waste such a great card by pairing it with such little RAM?

I'm looking at other laptops right now, and thinking I'd like to upgrade. I definately want an INCREASE in performance... not just a comperable setup.

I've been looking at the x600 ... is it much faster?

The thing is also shipped with 64MB of v_mem too, but you need to get 1.8GHz with SXGA model as mine . Also, the thing of mine was replaced with Dothan 765 (2.1GHz) too . Right now, if you are lucky, you can find the thing with 64MB more cheaper on Ebay.
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