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Guess I'm the only one that doesn't like rounding off important features - especially rounding up to make them sound better (which is a typical sales gimmick), especially when the person/company doing the selling is picking how things are rounded and to what degree.

So I guess if Apple made a car with 175hp and they decided to round up to 200hp it'd be ok? After all, they've decided to round to the nearest 100 to make it easy to understand, just like fans are getting people to round 7.85" to 8" (rather than, say, 7.9" - which would be a step in the right direction because it still conveys that it is less than 8" but also bigger than most 7" screens, though it's still also technically a 7" screen since the number starts with a 7).

Go Apple!

I'll go back to my cave now and let the math rainbows continue.
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