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vitocorleone is still being judged by the masses

Default Q: When is a 7" tablet not a 7" tablet? A: When Apple fanatics say it isn't

Now, as far as I know, a 6.5" knife can be typically referred to as having a 6" blade. A 37.3" TV screen is referred to as a 37" screen. But a 7.85" Apple tablet (rumored) is, according to one of the biggest Apple fanatics of all time, not a 7" tablet.

Huh? Apparently the legacy of Steve Jobs is stronger than logic or common sense... ?

Yes, yes, it has more area than something that may be 7.0", but that doesn't change reality of how these things are referred to by everyone else.

But, then, maybe it's just me. What do the Apple fans on this board think?
"Healthy democracies don’t decay overnight. They gradually rot from within, with termites like Trump undermining their foundations." - John Cassidy, The New Yorker
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