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Originally Posted by Gregor976 View Post
But not until I discovered that I had an EXTRA spam folder after a re-install of Thunderbird which was silently eating my verification email from rage3d...

I'm posting here because even though I could still log in, I couldn't even see the threads in the account problems sub or make a new one until I finished verifying the new email. I also couldn't send private messages.

I often get subscribed thread notification emails so after my glance at the visible spam folder it never occurred to me to look for another one.

I hate it when I discover that the problem is between my chair and my monitor.

My bad...
Oh man I haven't run Thunderbird since dual booting 2008ish. I remember Linux dist-upgrade causing duplicate folders once quite nasty.

Originally Posted by Lupine View Post
Subscribing to this thread. Its usually my fault when things go awry, so I'll enjoy this moment.

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