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Originally Posted by Cowzrul View Post
I never knocked it for it's performance, but I've never been big on BMW styling (or lack thereof). When I see a BMW, unless I look pretty close, I can't even tell it is a BMW unless it's one of the more exotic models, because the 3 series has always looked pretty much like every other generic sedan out there from all of the other manufacturers. It doesn't have any really defining aesthetics to it. But, for example, if I see a Vette, I know it's a Vette... from a mile away. Because nothing else looks similar to a Vette. Whereas, like I posted eariler, if I were to see both from a distance, I couldn't tell the BMW from the Camry. (Of course, you probably could, but I don't think anyone who isn't a big BMW fan could, to be honest.)

Well, I agree that the newer 3 series is deff a downgrade. You cna thank chris bangle for that. The new one looks like every other sedan out there.

I don't know of any mid 90's mid size cars that look similar to the e36. I am deff not a big fan of the e46 either.

But if you can't tell the difference between a 1989 e30 M3 and a toyota camary than you probably should have your vision checked.

However. I see your point. But you have to understand a vette is a sports car more less. its a 2 door. It has distinct lines.

The 3 series is a luxury saloon style car. Not flashy or any of that mess. It's been the staple of bmw since the begining of time. And for whatever reasons you may not like them, please don't make one of the reasons due to the fact that it is made by bmw.

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