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Issues with cfx I remember while running it:
* complete breakdown of a few games
* gamma flicker in certain titles
Both make it unplayable and force you to turn one card off. Sadly I know no quick way of doing it so its tedious. Or will it work if I use profiles? I remember not being able to do it that way (similar to eyefinity) but that was more than a year ago.

But yea, I might have made it sound a bit worse than I think it is. Though if you haven't noticed I am considering upgrading to cfx. I was runing 5770 in CFX for a while... I was just wondering how many of the old issues are still there. I remember scaling was VERY GOOD. But some games like GW2 claim they aren't supported. I can either google my eyes out or ask on a forum that I used for help in the past.

Eyefinity switch on/off seamlessly, tell me how. My CCC profiles ignore eyefinity. So this is what I did. Made my "normal" settings. Saved profile in CCC. Turned on eyefinity. Saved profile in CCC. Switching profiles does nothing now, and I would expect it to switch the mode.

Ok, I have this product:

Please teach me how to load color profiles when in eyefinity mode. I cannot seem to find a way (also google, stackexchange couldn't help me).

I might have overestimated a few points but as I see it some of it is quite valid. I am just a bit disappointed by the responses I got so far. Thanks for any additional useful info.

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