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Originally Posted by Elysian View Post
Wut? Flash launched last Friday, runs beautifully.
* I watched Best of Show on Amazon Video on Demand in hopes of performing an informal battery test. It drained the battery from 44 percent full to 15 percent full in one hour and 20 minutes. But during that time, the audio got out of sync, and then the picture froze -- and I couldn't get Flash to work properly again without rebooting the Xoom. At that point, I gave up with the battery test.

* Some other standard-definition video I tried, such as that at, worked reasonably well.

* I watched Glee in HD, again on Amazon, and it would play smoothly in full-screen mode for a few seconds, then sputter, then play smoothly, then sputter...

* I tried Bejeweled on Facebook; it was playable, but the animation was herky-jerky.

* Hulu, as I expected, blocks Flash Player on the Xoom.

* Google's Picnik photo editor sort of works -- I could load photos and apply effects. But the sliders that are everywhere in the interface don't function properly; I don't think they really understand touch input.

All in all, it seems to be a version of Flash that works some of the time but not always, and not always well. That's not, um, ideal. Neither is the fact that Flash isn't available at all on the iPad. But the lure of Apple's audience has prompted plenty of companies to make Flash-based stuff work on iOS devices in one way or another -- I can get Hulu (Plus), Bloggingheads, and Bejeweled on the iPad. And they all work reliably.
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