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Originally Posted by HyperNovae View Post
I really haven't had any problems at ALL with people using the dart. I think people rather play with their favorite set ups then with some cheating lame ass gun. icecold you really are the worst person. You are a disgusting human-being. You really should be banned as you have added nothing to any discussion in the past 5 years besides troll posts and negative comments in every single thread. Please just do us all a favor and go away.

Your observation about PC players having no integrity is ill mannered and just out of line to be honest. It is a completely wrong and illegitimate statement with nothing to back it up. I have been playing A LOT for the past 3 weeks and have only run into one person using the gun. That says a lot to me about the "integrity" of PC players. You are basing your claims off nothing more then a fallacy.

If they never even patched it (which they will when they get around having to deal with all the console BS) it wouldn't make a lick of difference. As I stated nobody and I mean NOBODY is really using the gun. So please, again, do us all a favor and buzz off.
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