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Here's the e-mail I just sent
''We listen to our customers and understand their needs'

Hi guys,
I own the 256meg 9600 pro lite. I have flashed the rom with the latest bios from you so the card will run the
ATi 3.6 cat drivers. There are still issues with this card. It will not complete 3D Mark 2003 at all. Even with the card and the CPU
running a default speeds. It locks up on the CPU test at the end. It DID not do this before the Bios 'upgrade'.
Could you please take a look at the Bios file and run futher tests and fix the problem that all the owners of this card are having.
If you would like to give some input please go the this discussing area.
Also could you please update your website with the relevant driver issues and information.

Hopefully it'll get a result...
Abit IC7-G
P4 2.8c @ 3.4
Zalman 7000Cu
9600 Pro 256Mb
core 463.5 MHz mem 252.0 MHz
1G Corsair LL 3200 -
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