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I've got same card: Gigacube 9600 Pro 256MB and same problem - no driver above 3.4 will work.

Could you forward me the email you have received from Gigacube?

I want to flash my card

my email: [email protected]

Here is the info for my card:
Could you send me the info for your card?
SiSoftware Sandra

Video Adapter
Model : RADEON 9600 PRO
Chipset : Radeon 9600 Pro AGP (0x4150)
RAMDAC : Internal DAC(500MHz)
Video BIOS : BK-ATI VER008.015.005.000
VGA Compatible : No
Total Memory : 256MB (255MB Video) (56MB AGP)
Texture Memory : 311MB
Supports DIME Texturing : Yes

AGP Capabilities
Version : 3.00
Command Queue Length : 256
Fast-Writes Enabled : Yes
Isochronous Mode Enabled : No
Addressing Enabled : 32-bit
Data Transfer Modes Support : 4x 8x
Current Data Transfer Rate : 8x

Video BIOS
Date : 03/06/13
Version : 4A35.S1

Current Video Mode
Mode : 1280x1024 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit)
Current Refresh Rate : 75Hz
Virtual Desktop Size : 1280x1024

Video Driver
Model : ati2mtag.sys
Version :
Expected Windows Version : 4.00
Video Acceleration : Yes
Screen Saver Active : No
Low Power Saving Active : 20 minutes(s)
Power Off Saving Active : 20 minutes(s)
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