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Originally Posted by Ryan3dFan
Perhaps it is too fresh for bargain bin prices to be predominant but I refuse to believe it's impossible to find games for less. It does seem that DS games have been much harder for me to find at less than normal prices than any other system though. I just built a PC recently and haven't paid full price for a single game. Got Oblivion for 35 bucks shortly after it game out, FEAR SE for 30, Call of Duty 2 for 25, and I could go on. Granted PC games are much more prone to drop in price over a short period of time than most other platforms. I have also built up my PS2, GC and Xbox collections quickly by searching for good deals. Perhaps I am just spoiled because of this and need to face the fact that the DS is a different ballgame and I just might not be able to buy a crapload of games at once like I have been able to with my other systems. But I haven't completely lost hope yet...

One thing to consider when comparing this platform to others is overall game cost is lower. For example, I bought The New Mario Brothers new for $29.99 compared to Burnout for the PSP where I paid $39.99.

Also, this system is backward compatible, so if you count the GBA games that it can play you have just opened up a whole new world of bargin bin gaming

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