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Originally Posted by Munkus View Post
Here are my impressions so far.

Android has come a long way since whatever version was on the Note 3. It's much snappier and more stable.
The ability to configure/customize just about everything has always been Android's strongest suit. iOS is severely lacking in that area. It's refreshing to go back to Android after all these years.
The S9+'s screen is sweet and sexy. The curved screen is a nice touch.
It's fast, but I don't do benchmarks so I can't say if it's any faster than the iPhone 8+.
The camera is incrementally better than the iPhone. The dual aperture is nice.
The fingerprint button is perfectly placed on the back. I don't miss the front-facing home/fingerprint button at all.
The two front-firing speakers (one at the top of the screen, one at the bottom) give a nice stereo feel vs the iPhones two bottom-firing ones. The sound is clear and strong.
Samsung's Android launcher is much improved, with fewer useless bloatware apps.
Face recognition to unlock the phone is sweet. Yes, I know the iPhone X has that, but not the 8/8+.
The 8mm headphone jack! Oh how I've missed thee...

Bixby is as dumb as a box of rocks. Siri is far from perfect, but she trounces Bixby.
Out of the box, the screen is set to FHD+ (2220x1080) to save battery life. You can up it to WQHD+ (2960x1440) but it's a pretty big battery hit. Either way it's crisp and clear. I went back to FHD+ because of the battery drain.
The jury is still out on the overall battery life compared to the iPhone 8+. Neither lasts more than a few hours if you do a lot of surfing on game playing.
The earbuds that come with the S9+ are subpar. I ended up buying different ones.

Overall my impression is that the S9+ hardware isn't much faster than the iPhone 8+. If it hadn't been free, I wouldn't have crossgraded. But I'm glad I did. I missed Android.
Bixby isn't dumb, it excels at doing tasks related to your phone. Use Bixby to control your phone. The best thing about Bixby is you can make voice command macros. Say for example "good night" you can make Bixby turn on do not disturb, set rotation to portrait, turn on blue light filter, switch to the internet app and say "manches" at end of the macro.

Bixby understands context for Samsung and Google Apps. You tell it to search for an app in the play store and install it; it'll do just that.

Bixby isn't good for things requiring internet search. if You ask bixby to convert currency for an example, it'll open calculator and choose a category or pull up a search for the currency. Use google assistant for all things internet.
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