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Originally Posted by Lazy8s View Post
I had several of the Notes as well. Even the 7.1 is night and day from that mess. I haven't installed Oreo yet, because /not savvy enough lol, but according to Elysian and a couple of folks I know personally it's even smoother, and more importantly, quite stable.

I just paired it with a brand new Sammy Gear Sport and that easily rivals or exceeds the apple watch in every way, so I don't see a return to apple, at all. Ever.

Edit: I may end up going with an S9 after all. I want to switch carriers. Several friends have gone with that xfinity mobile and even though they have a byop policy, they don't accept the PH1. It must be too unlocked for them

I can get $450 off the S9 if I switch. Tempting....

My S8 is paid off so i ordered the S9+ and got 360.00 off. Should be here tomorrow.
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