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Originally Posted by Meteor_of_War View Post
Its the best of the old Sonic games, and its value has been going up recently so its a good one to get a hold of.

Collecting for me lately has been slow. I have not been hitting yard sales as often this year, and that was the plan. My collection is pretty much where I want it to be and don't really have the space to dedicate to more gaming stuff for now. I have still however been picking up games here and there when I see things I really want, but I'm passing up a lot of stuff that I used to pick up just to resell to fund purchases. Now I will simply save my time and just buy what I want when I want it, which is easier since there's not much else I've been wanting.
Yup, same here. As my collection has grown larger, it's been getting harder and harder to find things I want but don't yet have, at prices I'm willing to pay. I've reached diminishing returns, and that makes game hunting a little less fun... when I can go through an entire used game store and not really find anything I want to buy... That feeling makes me a little less likely to budget time for it in the future. Whereas a few years ago, every visit felt like a wild shopping spree, as I found more treasures than I had cash to buy.

I may start to expand into sega disks, as I don't have many legitimate Sega CD, Saturn, or Dreamcast disks. But all of those are pretty expensive, so I'll have to do it slowly. There's a handful of other consoles, but I'm less interested in them (intellivision, Jaguar, 3D0, etc.). I have some interest in coleco, or maybe turbografx, but haven't started collecting for them as of yet.
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