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Originally Posted by Alientank View Post
So, my wife has a laptop with HDMI output on it. When I hook up the video to play on the TV though, it doesn't use the whole screen. I think it's taking the resolution of her screen only. Is there a way to change this so it plays the 1080p rip in actual full 1080p at the full resolution?
Set the resolution to 1920 X 1080, 60 Hz, and check the scaling options for any cropping or overscan adjustment that might be going on. if there's a setting for overscan, set it to 0%. Depending on the card and drivers/control panel you're running, there may be a separate section for tv resolutions.

I don't know why some graphics vendors have the default settings for overscan adjustment "on". Haven't the vast majority of us moved on from CRTs?
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