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Big Win Soccer

Market Link:

This is basically a card game. You don't physically play the game of soccer. You build a team, using cards, and then play matches against other teams. You earn gold and bucks for playing and then use those to get more cards. The cards are typically one of a few categories:

* Player
* Team single game enhancement
* Player upgrade
* New team outfit design
* Player contract

There are also levels to the cards like bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The players have various skills like an RPG game:

* Passing
* Run
* Defense
* Shot
* Reaction
* Hands

The players themselves only have a few slots for skills which can then be upgraded. The slots, like the cards, can only be upgraded by color. So if you have a forward with a "Shot" slot open, he can use a bronze card to upgrade. However, if there are more bronze cards available for "Shot" he cannot use them. He can then only upgrade his bronze "Shot" slot to a higher card (silver, gold or platinum). However, if you have more slots available, you can have more than one "Shot" slots.

The players have contracts. The contracts last X number of games before you need a card to renew them; however they have limited renewals before the player retires. You can use "bucks" to revive a retired player. When a player's contract expires, they can still play but their stats are cut in half. If a player gets injured, they can still play as well but their stats will be cut in half.

Sounds all good right? Well, here's where things break down. When you start a match, you can pick 3 "Game Cards" to use. You have no idea who you are matched against or what cards they are playing, which is fine. However, the actual results of the matches seem completely random. Your team will play like studs when playing better teams and lose to teams which by stats, you should demolish. Also, you can pay real money for gold/bucks so some of the teams will be extremely built with very low rankings. You don't have to watch the matches if you don't want to.. In most cases, that's a good thing as the players have the worst logic most of the times. You'll have your forward driving towards the goalie, only to get to the box and pass it back to a midfielder who then passes it to the other team. Also, I've never seen so many goals scored on free kicks in my life. There is a card to aid this which I assume is why they made it this way, but a free kick just outside the goal box is basically an automatic goal without the right card played. Your goalie will be able to stop just about anything else, which is sad.

This game has so much promise, so I hope they work on it. They have other "Big Win" sports games, but this is the only one I tried.
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