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Overall the game feels polished and could almost be mistaken for AAA game. Itís basically a mixture of Eve Online and Civilization and thatís one good mix! Itís a truly impressive experience that proves this game is one of the best out of the indie scene since Minecraft.

I have a lot of what's? for that quote, first off Eve online did it make the list because it's the only other space game he has played because other then both being space related games they have nothing in common and Civilization the only thing in common there is diplomacy.

The game is exactly like all the other 4x space games that have come out over the years imo it's closer to Imperium Galactica II minus the ground battles and Sins of a Solar Empire for graphics.

The research tree is vast and adds what seams to be loads of perks but in reality they are all just levels of maybe 5 core abilities per each tree and the rest are buildings that give x of y on z the usual stuff nothing new in the genre except that they at least try with the naming.

As for the combat in my honest opinion it sucks and it's more luck based then actual ability or ship config / strength based, what happens is there are up to 5 turns each lasting around 15 seconds, when the mission loads combat starts right away and you have the ability to choose a card the enemy can also choose a card, once the first phase / turn is over it goes right on into phase 2 without pausing at which time the first chosen card is played for each team, now dependend on what you chose vs them it can either be good, bad, or equal for you and the enemy.

During phase 2 you must choose another card that will be played in phase 3 and the same goes for 3 to 4, you can only choose 3 times and can't change it once it's made. If both teams are still alive I'm guessing they just shoot at each other normally during phase 5 at which point it maybe ends in a draw I've never seen it reach 5 without either me or them being dead.

The actual combat visually is completely scripted and boring.

Another thing on top of combat is the limited number of ships per fleet based on command points which is very limited I think at most you can have maybe 4 of the largest ships in one fleet on their own, and speaking of ship types there is only I believe 5 hull types per faction and other then looks they are all exactly the same minus racial passive bonuses.

The game is simply a generic 4x that is anything but endless with the largest maps being smaller then most other 4x games and your average life span being in or around the 200 turn mark which usually takes about an hour and a half to reach, at which point all the AI allied with you if you are lucky while also forcing you into a corner via them taking over every other inch of the map so you end up going to war and losing because of a stupid rock paper scissors contest even when you out gun the opponent
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