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Originally Posted by Sweetz View Post
So I finished the game last night. To the game's credit, it was at least perfectly stable for me. I never experienced a crash. Also I thought the graphics were quite good, and though the framerate may be locked, it was acceptably smooth throughout for my taste.

I liked the game. Now I admit some of that might related to a dearth of any decent Star Wars games for a long time. So even something only half-decent would probably seem good.

However, plot-wise, the ending of the game royally pissed me off. Spoilers follow.

I generally roll my eyes at moments in action movies and other fiction when the protaganist beats the supremely evil antagonist and is about to kill him, but instead let's him live because if he killed him "he'd be just as bad as the enemy" then. Ugh. In the black and white world of action movies, the single act of killing someone who is inherently evil and has slaughtered hundreds, thousands, or millions of innocents, does not make you as bad as them.

This brings us to the end of Force Unleashed, where after beating the Emperor, the most horrible, evil, despicable son of a gun in the universe, the good Jedi that mentored you goes "no don't kill him, or you'll be right back where you started [on the Dark Side]". Nevermind that you killed an absolute sh*tload of arguably more innocent stormtroopers (even if they are clones) and Imperial officers (not clones!) getting to Palpatine. Of course, Palpatine, somewhat feigning weakness, just gets back up and ends up killing the apprentice - yeah, didn't see that coming

This annoyed me more than any of these moments in any movie. Now ok, I know they had to preserve the continuity, but if you have a chance to kill the Emperor, you ****ing take it! Palpatine doesn't have justification, he's not going to be redeemed, he's just an evil bastard, and letting him live will serve no good. We're talking about the guy responsible for the wholesale slaughter of almost every Jedi in the galaxy, and this Jedi, one the few left says "don't kill him"? How bloody stupid is he?

I really wish they had come up with some better way to resolve the plot than Kota going "let him live". It's just so annoying to actually beat the most evil bastard in the galaxy and then have it taken away from you in a cutscene because of another character's stupidity (especially one who's not supposed to be stupid). I mean they could have had the Emperor collapse the room as a last restort just before being defeated or something like that; and the apprentice sacrifices himself to holding up the room while the others escape and the Emperor runs away in the meantime as well.
I would have ended it like; Revan flies down (without a ship, he's 4000 years old, he doesn't need one ) and picks the "apprentice" up after the apprentice beats the emperor, and takes him off to fight the real sith, and find the builders.... and maybe Neo...


... Jone-zing for a KoTOR fix...
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