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First day at work with my Note 9, by this time with my S7 Edge even with the new battery I probably would be at about 70-73%. I'm still sitting at 87% after 7 hours.

I chewed through a bit more battery today, but am still around 53% with just a couple hours left until I put it on the charger.

That said, I also haven't been charging to 100% to try to help maintain the battery over the life of the phone. It still feels weird to charge the phone in the evening before bed, and leave it off charger overnight until the next day...but so far so good!

Really been liking the performance as well. Asphalt 9 looks amazing, zippy for every task I do so far.

The screen is way better than the note 5, which is impressive in and of itself.

The pen, still haven't used the remote functions much, but do use the pen regularly for notes/general use.

Cameras - getting used to the dual lens focus. I'm used to the IPhone 8 way of doing things with depth sensors. This one works differently. Better at some cases, worse at others. But overall very happy to have a non-digital zoom option on the camera.

speakers. Oh wow, SO much better than the note 5. Stereo and rich for a phone IMHO. No complaints at all.

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