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Ego can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultyEgo can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficulty


Originally Posted by t0adp1p3 View Post
Just going to say this, it runs fine for me on my sorry ass old system, so I don't think it can be the games fault. Got to be the drivers or something.

This game is great, I like that a lot of the features require(thinking about the scout and engineers unlocks which require it) teamwork, it seems everyone but assault needs teamwork, but assault can go off all rambo, they should do something about that, maybe you can't go prone as assault or you can't be the vehicle driver or something that actually forces them to play as a team. I am calling it out right now, assault is the new wookie recon
Umm, you have a good machine, unless you lied in the system specs
Yeah, you can't create black holes with it, unlike some dudes on this forum, but still, it's a good PC, imo.
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